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The Shadow of Snark

My lovely mate and I had an insightful conversation recently. It is not unusual that it was insightful though! (smile). We were talking about the thread of snarky comments in some online neopagan communities. Those with alternative beliefs or almost-right (but not quite!) bases of knowledge are quick targets for those with pointed words. Two grounds for snarking are humor and guardianship. These have rightful places in human behavior. They can also be abused mightingly.

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There are many reasons to snark. Some reasons are honorable enough and others are illustrations of human frailties. Shoot, this very article could be considered snarky. There is much more to this topic, but I felt driven to speak of humor and guardianship today. I honor both. It is my wish that both would be applied with a gratitude for what we have and support for what others are attempting to achieve.
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