Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Path to Awareness - Part 7 – Renunciation and Desire

There is the realization now that you and I have attachments. These attachments are give to us by society. The attachments lead to suffering and are destructive to ourselves and others. What do you do? How about renunciation of attachments? Will this work?

Renunciation = delusion
Renunciation = bondage

You are tied forever to the thing you renounce. The guru reflected “The prostitute comes to me saying she wants out of her life and wants God. The priest comes to me and only talks about sex.” When you fight something you are tied to it forever. You give power to whatever you fight, as much power as you use to fight it. You must receive your demons instead. Don’t renounce it. See through it. Understand its true value and it will drop from your hands.

Selfishness breeds desire and desire breeds cravings. Remember that selfishness is natural. Do not suppress desire. Desire is energy. Instead understand it. Don’t renounce objects of desire; instead understand them.

Hermann Hesse’s book “Siddhartha” has a description of common people, seen through the eyes of Siddhartha:

"All these little simple, foolish, but tremendously strong, vital, passionate urges and desires no longer seemed trivial to Siddhartha. For their sake he saw people live and do great things, travel, conduct wars, suffer and endure immensely, and he loved them for it. He saw life, vitality, the indestructible and Brahman in all their desires and needs. With one small thing, only one tiny thing, they lacked nothing that the sage and the thinker had, and that was the consciousness of the unity of all life. And many a time Siddhartha even doubted whether this knowledge, this thought, was of such greater value, where it was also perhaps the childish self-flattery of thinkers, who were perhaps only thinking children. The men of the world were equal to the thinker in every respect and were often superior to them, just as animals in their tenacious undeviating actions in cases of necessity may often appear superior to human beings."

Remember that renunciation equals attachment. Understanding transforms desires into preferences. Preferences are not required to be fulfilled for our happiness. The examination of preferences is another entire topic, and I very much encourage you to pursue further study of it.

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