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Matching Pictures - The Intuitive Angle

There is a phenomenon called matching pictures in the intuitive world. Matching pictures are both instructive to the reader and also very challenging. These pictures are also instructive of how people can react to blogs. I'll speak about that in another article. For now I will outline the power and challenges of the intuitive angle.

A matching picture is something that happens when a reader sees something of themselves in a querent. The querent's answer becomes the reader's answer. The idea here is that the 'divine' gets the reader and querent together for a dual delivery. The message doesn't have to be the same to each. For example, out of ten items that a reader sees, there may be only one or two that speaks to their heart. The reader doesn't have to try to make this happen. It just does as part of the process. This is one of the teachings of the Berkley Psychic Institute.

Matching pictures have their challenges. A reader can project their own issues and concerns on their querent. A divination tool can speak of general situations. The true gift of intuition is to take the general meaning and turn it into something that is specific to the querent. It is up to the reader not to interpret their own stuff into the cards. This intuitive reading does little good if the querent gets to hear details about the reader. In these cases the matching pictures get reversed, with the querent getting one or two 'true' messages for the ten that the reader gets.

The challenge does not invalidate the use of matching pictures. The trick for the reader is to read true for the querent AND look for the matching pictures that are available. One of the methods that the Berkley Institute recommends is reading from the upper chakras. Translation: the reader does not get emotionally invested in the reading. When one reads for oneself or somebody with an energy connection, the accuracy of intuition can be compromised because of interference of emotions and desires of "what should be", such as the desire to get a matching picture. Detachment is essential to accomplish an accurate evaluation. Thus, an indicator of accurate intuition is a lack of emotion. Reading from the upper chakras is suppose to achieve this for the reader.

Here is one last twist that I have to mention from the world of psychic reading. A good reading is a much a counseling session as it is a psychic viewing. The best counseling is performed when the counselor has an informed background, that is, they've been through the same stuff. Those that have loved and lost know what it feels like. Those with money problems can relate to others that have the same. Empathy is a powerful tool for the understanding and compassion required in good counseling. That said, an intuitive reading must maintain a degree of dispassionate sharing, dispensing counseling only at the prompting of the intuitive message.

I'm only a partial 'believer' in intuitive matching pictures. I believe that too much attention to them can detract from the experience of the querent. I also believe that matching pictures crop up at unexpected times, and truly on these occasions the divine is tapping both the reader and the querent on the collective shoulder.
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