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Who is My God?

The following quote by Robert Frost was shared by chimerae in a comment about teaching and sacred mysteries:
"We dance around the circle and suppose, while the secret sits in the center and knows."
I believe that the true nature of the divine stands outside of any number of words and practices that humans attempt to use. These are the dance that Frost refers to. In this dance we are the blind men who 'see' the elephant in a variety of complimentary but contrary ways. The visible faces of God only provides analogies to the true magical essence of the divine.

What can be said about the divine? We all have our own opinions, our own glimpses. What have I personally learned about the nature of the divine? Who is my God? To me God is two legged, four legged, six legged, eight legged, and more. God is no legged, non-physical, and more. They are my God. Music is my God. Art is my God. Love is my God. Anger is my God. The human experience is the shining start of my God.

I find the "my" word to be presumptuous. Teachings are the road signs to God. No teaching can own God. God is not mine or anybody else to have only for themselves. God is what I share with all those things that are around me and that are part of me. In the big picture, I have no GOD. Instead, I am god. You are god. My cats are god. If I have to put a name on the breadth of this infinitely nameless thing, I call it Spirit.

Thoughts on the divine and teachings provoked me to write the following free verse based on an Eastern story:

Who Is God?

I asked my teacher 'Who is God?'
He stood and said, 'There'
I blinked and heard the word
I blinked and saw my teacher
I blinked and saw the outstretched finger
I blinked and saw the puddle to which the finger pointed
I blinked and saw the reflection of the Moon
I blinked and saw the Moon
I blinked and…
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