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Solstice Boxes

The incredible shamanist and artist moonvoice wrote the following about the Winter Solstice in June:
I was always taught to welcome the Sun on the shortest day of the year (or the day after), since that is the time when she needs our strength the most. While the Australian sun does not necessarily need more strength, she can certainly do with some celebration, plus it's a good excuse to also celebrate her consort the moon.
I found an online article that said this about the Summer Solstice in June:
Midsummer, called Litha by Wiccans and Alban Hefin by Druids, celebrates Earth's abundance. The altar is decorated for the Sabbat. Its feast is vegetables and fruits.
Eh? Winter and summer? We're talking northern and southern hemispheres here. I see this dichotomy to be a fascinating statement challenging assumptions that our relation with the Divine can only be defined by one set of human expereinces. We live on the same planet, interact with the same breadth of the Divine, and people in one part of the world see the Sun loosing power and others see the Sun at it's height of power, all on the same day. Who's right? Both are. Food for thought...
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