Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Path to Awareness - Part 7 – Words

Information does not equal insight
Analysis does not equal awareness
Knowledge does not equal awareness

In non-awareness we are the center of the world – the dancer. In awareness we become the dance. Are these words the answer and the truth? No, these words are hints and clues.

Truth is never expressed in words. Truth is sighted suddenly as a result of a certain attitude. The attitude is one of openness, and a willingness to discover something new. You don’t have to agree with me. I can never express the truth. I instead give a description of falsehoods. We cannot define happiness. Only misery can be defined. We cannot define bravery. Only fear can be defined. Listen and unlearn.

You will never know who “I” is or what “I” is. You will not succeed. There are no words to answer this question. Labels intrude. Labels create their own negative illusion. Drop labels. Truth cannot be searched for. Once labels and opinions are dropped, and the unreal removed, all that is left is the real. I will tell you “I am a human being” is a useful label. It does not block the truth, but it tells very little.

Writing and words are hints and clues, not a full description. A word or label always carries overtones of approval or disapproval. It can never be truly neutral. There is much terror in a sincere believer who says “we know all” and much peace in one who says “we don’t know.” The sincere believer says “I am successful”. The other says “I am”.

Do not say “I am successful”. It is crazy. Success is not part of “I”. Success comes and goes, and the “I” remains. Clinging to labels leads to suffering. Identity with success will ensure a time when success is not sufficient, and that will make the attached “I” not sufficient. “I” is always sufficient.

When we look at something we don’t really see it. We instead see something fixed in our mind. The more fixed it is, the more blind we are. Reality is present when we look without prejudiced impressions.

What happens when one arrives and becomes aware? There are no words or formulas to describe it. All that is left is the silence of continued observation. Words are realized to be identifications used by “me”. We cannot say what God is, rather all we can say is what he is not. Scripture and wise writings are like the wise man pointing at the moon. All the fool sees is the finger. God is unknowable as is divinity, as is our own divine nature. None of these can be understood with the thinking mind. Instead they are realized in silence when those things that are NOT God, divinity, and divine nature are removed.

The final barrier to God is your concept of God. The highest knowledge of God is to know he is unknowable.

Concepts are meant as tips and hints and clues. To take them as anything more is dangerous. Concepts are universal and apply to a group. Concepts are valuable, but small in scope. Their weakness is their own universal theme. They miss the small details. Concepts are there to help lead you to reality, but when you get there, you must experience and intuit directly.

Concepts are static – reality is in flux. Reality is a whole, and when it is cut into concepts it no longer exists in its fluid form. A hurricane and tornado cannot be put in a box. The image of a hurricane or tornado on a radar screen does not tear communities apart. The physical reality of the hurricane and tornado do. Words do not equal reality. Words are only pointers. The modern idol is not a statue of wood or gold, it is instead a mental icon and a religious dogma.

Awareness knows beyond knowing and cannot be expressed in words or concepts. Knowledge is not the same as awareness. You cannot do evil in awareness, but you can do evil in knowledge. In knowledge you know you are doing something bad, and it is still done. The act is rationalized in some way.


You cannot do evil while in awareness

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