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The Importance of Spiritual Definitions

Spiritual definition is a critical part of the human experience. Definition creates connections of power and boundaries of both influence and responsibility. Spiritual power and responsibility are very important to people who have risen above a level of mere physical survival. My experience is that people can be both saints and sinners in pursuit and compliance of spiritual definitions. Understanding the importance of spiritual definitions moderates my understanding of the world, easing my mind and softening my heart.

People define the world in terms of contrast. The "W"s of the world are who, what, why, where, and when. The basis of each of these conditions is a contrast between one thing and another. Who is you or me. What is this or that. Why is reason one or reason two. Where is here or there. When is now or later. These are all definitions of existence based on differences in forms of perspective. A definable existence is important for many human endeavors.

There are a few basic human requirements. Sociologists suggest that the primary ones are shelter and heat. Others follow. Spiritual definition, even if it is one of null, is simultaneously the least mentioned and most important of human requirements. Shelter and heat do come first, but sustained human existence requires answers to the "W"s of spirituality definition. Civilizations have risen and fallen on these spiritual questions. They are desperately important for some very good reasons.

Spiritual is a BIG word. Sociologists say that the attempt to understand the universe is something that separates humans from other species. This drive to understand makes the word 'spiritual' incredibly vague, relative to each person's or group's experience. I see strength in this. The avenues may be diverse. The actions may be divergent. The thing that is important is that we are all trying to do the same thing: understand. The highest goals of understanding are empowerment and self-peace. The expression of these can be as wide and relative as the concept of spiritual. No matter the possible strife and misunderstanding, the underlying motivation of all seekers can give a small modicum of tolerance inside the BIG word of spirituality.

Why is spiritual definition important? As I mentioned in opening, a definition creates connections of power. It is known what drives what, who is under and over whom, and what can be done to make things happen. Call it magic, prayer or manifestation. The connections of spiritual power make things happen for those who know the 'W's of the connections. The spiritual technicians or power brokers know how the "W's operate. Results spring from this guidance. Spirituality without some amount of results, even if they are just the easing of inner pains, becomes a hollow tool. Expectations are established based on understood connections of power. The spiritual definition is both a tool to construct connections of power and a method of measuring the results.

A spiritual definition also establishes boundaries. Boundaries are very important for humans. We are finite beings in a seemingly infinite universe. Only so many connections can be established and maintained. A picking and choosing is done to determine which are most important, worthy of expended energy, and it is here that the boundaries are placed. The boundaries are also placed where the connections cannot go or do not have influence. The choosing of how to expend spiritual capital, and how far it will extend, defines both the realms of influence and the responsibility of the parties. Responsibility is a crucial part of the spiritual definition. A person learns that to get thing X they must do act Y. The spiritual rules, complete with adherent responsibilities, are defined by established boundaries.

The human focus on spiritual definition is both noble and necessary. We will be 'spiritual'. We will need to know the "W"s of this desire. The outcomes can be good, bad or ugly. One hopes for the best and tries to forgive the worst. Somehow, somewhere, humans will act from their spiritual definitions. It is up to each individual to seek their own connections and boundaries, even as the individual strives to recognize and honor other’s application of spiritual definitions.
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