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Big Rowan Ackison

Path to Awareness - Part 8 – Self Observation

Q: Are you enlightened?
A: Does it matter?
(or better)
A: How would I know?

The only way somebody can help you is challenge your ideas. You have to be ready to listen, and ready to be challenged. No one can help you but yourself! How do you help yourself? Through self observation.

Observation reveals where control is in our lives. This happens when we cut out judgments and observe. Judgments are part of the dynamic of sleeping. I push a button – you judge – you react.

The problem is YOU.

What is the most important question in the world?

Who is Jesus Christ?
Does God exist?
Is there Life after Death?
Who am “I”? What am “I”? What is “self”?

The answer is . Self observations answers “Who am I?” If we are not aware of our reactions, you are asleep and somebody else is listening. Who is living in you? Is it parent, society, religion, a past suffering experience or a past joyful experience? The thing called “me” is a mix of past experiences, conditioning and programming. Observe these reactions – good, bad and ugly. It can be painful.


Write down on a piece of paper any brief way you would describe yourself. For example: craftsman, spouse, tall, Southerner, joyful, etc.

NOTE: in doing this we are making “I” look at “me”. Animals cannot do this. Humans can.

Self Observation: watching yourself. This means to watch everything in you and around you from as far as possible and watch it as if life happens to someone else. Do not personalize what is happening to you. Observing is not the same as thinking. Thinking about “me” empowers “me” with the thoughts. Watching “me” makes one constantly aware that “me” is a reflection of the external. “Me” is not given power when “me” is merely observed. This is the big difference between “I’ and “me”.

The path to awareness goes through things, thoughts and then to the thinker. When the illusions of things and thoughts are discarded we are searching for the thinker. Can the thinker know himself? Can the eye see itself, the knife cut itself, or the tooth bit itself? Can “I” know itself?

Is “I”:

Thoughts? no – they come and go
Body? no – every 7 years a body is born again

The body is part of “I” just as moving water is part of Niagara Falls.

Is “I”:

A name? No – names change
A career or belief? no – do we change with these?

We react to all of the above labels and justify things by these labels. The labels are not part of “I”. The many labels you hold are part of “Me”. “Me” changes constantly. Does “I” ever change? Does the observer change?

Suffering exists in “me” and you suffer when you connect “me” with “I”. A detached “I” does not suffer even though the “me” is experiencing discomfort. So: the detached observer is “I”, and can observe “me” when practiced observation is present. Practiced observations has no comments, judgment, or attitude. This detachment is awareness. Awareness does not claim that things that build “me” (things: family, country, possessions, body). Awareness instead claims reality. Awareness allows us to disidentify and detach from these as we move toward the true “I”. In this act we lose self, deny the self, and die to self.

The statement is made: I am depressed. FALSE. Accurate: I am experiencing depression right now. Point: you are not your depression.

You are in pain and joy all the time, but you are not these things. Watch as passive, detached person. Don’t interfere, don’t fix anything. If you desire to change a thing you are no longer understanding the thing. Change yourself through observation and understanding. Do so without judging. What you judge you cannot understand.

The miracle is that change will happen. It will happen effortlessly and correctly. Change will happen and you don’t have to bring it about. Evil will disappear and good will flourish. Everyone needs to be disarmed. In the final analysis I am an ass, you are an ass. Admitting ass quality is freeing. People react to stimuli without thinking. We are affected to blame and praise. We are mechanical and controlled. To disarm this you can always say: “what do you expect from an ass?”

Negative feelings are ineffective. They make us blind. “Me” steps in and reacts to the situation. “Me” is affected by blame and praise. “Me” makes you mechanical and controlled. One problem becomes two. Action comes from a place of not being affected emotionally and leaping into action. See things as detached as possible. Act instead of react.

The connection between awareness, understanding, “I” and suffering can now be made.

Suffering results from desire – otherwise we would not suffer.
You identify with desire and connect our “I” to it. All suffering is caused by my identity being connecting with something either inside or out.

Anytime you have a negative feeling toward someone else you are living an illusion. Something is wrong inside of YOU and has to change. You not seeing reality. We think the outside must change. NO. The world is already OK. The changes have to happen inside of you.

We naturally depend on people. But it is interdependence for physical societal things. To depend on one another emotionally or psychologically makes the person responsible for our happiness. We never feel grief for a things that is free and released.

Grief is a sign that you made happiness depend on a thing or possession or person.

Wake up! Be aware through observation! Exchange illusions for reality! Exchange dreams for facts! Life will be more meaningful and beautiful.


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