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Rebellious Potter

I'm listening to "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" on tape. It is a nice sized unabridged set. I'm now at the part where Harry is going to detention after confronting Dolores Umbridge in her class. The book is very enjoyable for commute driving.

The is one thing I've noticed. The story is quite dark. Authority figures are painted as either inept and defenseless or corrupt and overruling. The ultimate authority figures, The Ministry of Magic, are horrible. I can only imagine a young person reading this book and getting ideas about the nature of power, politics and such. Professor Minerva McGonagall goes as far to say something like "it's not about truth or lies". Gads.

I can see the book's interpretation of adults and their ways as another opportunity for indictment of the book by those who believe it is 'bad' for children. There are religious establishments that bear a passing likeness, at least in terms of vested power and influence by any means, to the tarnished Ministry of Magic. If young adults, or any adults at that, saw themselves in the mold of Potter, well, rebellious activities and free thinking would be afoot. The horror of it!

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