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It's My Due

My lovely mate and I were talking about people's accomplishments in life. She noted that accomplished people evoke the phrase 'it's my due' as they react to the world. This got me thinking.

The individual has accomplishments. Positional respect is granted by accomplishment, with a person's rank or office being that which is respected. Positional and personal respect are not of the same cloth. The latter, personal respect, is the respect I will speak of further.

Arrogance. It's a soul numbing condition that can accompanies accomplishment. One of the symptoms of arrogance is an extreme difficulty in respecting those things and people who are not their equal. This is an understandable human condition. The challenge to this state is that inequalities exist throughout life. Accomplishment in one field does not ensure the same in all aspects of an individual. Disrespect can appear to be arrogance. Arrogance is a roadblock to respect being returned. The accomplished person wishes to be respected. To this end, the accomplished are asked to extend respect to others who are not their equals. The cousin of respect, tolerance, is a standby if the difference between the accomplished and other is too great

Respect is something that we all crave. Respect is earned. Respect is also renewed. Accomplishment does not automatically solicit respect from others. If anything, accomplishment raises the bar defining what must be done to earn and maintain respect.

What's due? Nothing and everything. Expect respect due to an position. Convey arrogance to others if you believe disdain is due. Convey respect to others if you wish the same. It is due.
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