Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Path to Awareness - Part 9 – Negative Feelings

Feeling fear from the truth? We cannot fear something that we do not know. Nobody fears the unknown. We instead fear the loss of the known. Truth removes the known sleeping world. Ultimately we hate what we fear.


Fear of Loss
Fear of Alienation
Fear of rejection
Fear of mutual control

Negative feelings are gloominess, moodiness, self-hatred and guilt. They are present when life seems pointless and makes no sense. Nervousness and tension are the calling cards of negative feelings.

Understanding that negative feelings are in YOU involves unlearning the rubbish the world has taught.

Statement: I am depressed (WRONG)
Statement: It is depressed (OK)
Statement: Depression is there (BETTER)

Remember: no one event justifies a negative feeling, and all events are singular occurrences in their moment.

Remember that everything, joys and pains, pass. They pass but our level of attachment and identification and clinging can affect our lives. There is the story of the African tribe that banished its unwanted members to the wilderness. These were people could normally survive in the wilderness with no issues. Banishment was seen as a death sentence, and the people so banished did often die without the support and approval of the tribe. To prove this is an attachment and identification, consider if you were banned from your State for a real or imagined crime. Would you die? No. Our society, and thus us, is not programmed to work that way.
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