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Horror Movie Night!

I had the pleasure of watching "Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood" tonight. Filmed in 1988, this feature seems nostalgic in the genre of shock horror. These were the days that Jason zeroed in on anybody having sex or thinking about having sex. Ahh... virginity by movie. The "horror" consisted of objects thrust into people and people randomly finding mutilated bodies. The doctor has death by weed-whacker, but even this is tame. These seem trite in these days of Hostel and Saw.

Some observations I had... I am now old enough to be the same age as the parental figures in the movies. Most of stars are ridiculously young, but I suppose I was young(er) in 1988 to (a whopping 23!!!). The "sex' scenes consisted of the soon-to-be-dead youngsters laying together under blankets, naughty activity implied with little flesh shown. The other thing I noticed is that Jason walks really slow and somehow catches up with his victims who run widely through the woods. This is still a feature of horror movies (smile).

From the Wikipedia article:
In this seventh outing in the Friday the 13th series, a telekinetic girl revives Jason again from the bottom of the lake where Tommy had left him imprisoned. The film, which has been dubbed "Jason Vs. Carrie" or "Carrie goes Camping" by fans, featured the first appearance of Kane Hodder as Jason. Hodder would continue to play Jason in all the following entries in the series until Freddy vs. Jason, and would become the most well known of the actors who have played Jason over the years.

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