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Picture Study - My Study

I've been reluctant to display pictures of my humble abode even though I have a wonderful new and quite capable camera. While I've admired my friends like gothic_girl_81 who has posted such things, I've felt that the camera lens was not 'kind' to my surroundings. I'm planning to write about this another time. For now, I did a cleaning job on my study and compiled this set of photos spanning the room. My loves of cats, odd clocks, computers, electronics and music are evident. There are several muted peccadillos, and I'll leave the viewer's eye to catch those! I have some past pictures of the same room. It is amazing to see how things change. I'll post these pics-of-the-past another time.
Right of Kitchen DoorRight Side of RoomRight Side Continued
Left of Kitchen DoorLeft Side of RoomBack Door
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