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Others and Enlightenment

The blog of a LJ friend got me thinking about enlightenment and the role of other people in its attainment.

I believe that others are necessary for enlightenment. This statement is prefaced on a Eastern/shamanic foundation that I will summarize in bullet form below. The statements begin with a shamanic foundation I firmly believe in: that all things are connected. The list ends in a statement of divinity.

  • The sum of "we" are all connected

  • Each person has their own experience of the this connection

  • Within the framework of universal connection, each person is completely alone in the world

  • The aloneness allows a person to connect to others

  • People have finite abilities to experience the world, and hence cannot easily experience their aloneness

  • People chase enlightenment because they realize their vision is finite

  • Others are the reminders of the universal connection

  • Others portray those parts of ourselves that we cannot see due to our finite vision

  • The terms of inward and outward only have meaning in the finite vision

  • The turning outward is a passing illusion

  • The interpretation of others are only necessary to pull aside the curtain of finite vision.

  • The remembering of the "we" connection strengthens the ties of love and compassion with others as the separation between outward and inward is removed.

  • Others are us

  • We are them

  • Enlightenment is a word for remembrance

  • Divinity is remembrance of connection
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