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Path to Awareness - Part 12 – The Power of Change

It is OK if you are asleep – is the only model we have. What do we do about the programming? We address it by being aware of the programming. We cannot change it by effort of will, we cannot change it by ideals, we cannot change it by building of new habits. Behavior may change, but you will not. The furniture is being moved around, but the house is the same.

Most people swing into action to change the world and do not emphasize changing themselves. Swinging is the same as reacting. Reacting replaces one hurt with another, one injustice with another. Reacting does not mean to, but there is not an awareness present to change the situation to good, or allow it to move to good. In awareness good things are meant to happen. They just do. Everything real that happens to you is good.

How do we change things? How do we change ourselves? It starts with remembering that you are the one that must change, not others.

The only way to change is to change your understanding. Instead of being connected to programming and conditioning, false beliefs and fantasies, you need to be break out into reality. Reality is lovely; it is an absolute delight. You are fish in the ocean oblivious to the water. Become aware and experience the water around you.

Consider the enslaving attachments below. You are all imprisoned by one or more of these. This is not a bad thing. It does not make you a bad person. It is a only a thing and you are only a person. You can do something about it.

I need to rearrange the world because it is a constant threat
I fear that a friend may stop loving me if she or she turns to someone else
I have to keep myself attractive to get and keep another person


Think of someone or something that you are attached to. This is someone or something that you think you are not going to be happy without. Some examples are job, career, profession, friend, spouse, or money. Say:

"I really do not need you to be happy. I’m only deluding myself in the belief that without you I will not be happy. But I really don’t need you to be happy. I can be happy without you. You are not my happiness; you are not my joy."

By saying this you will make contact with the truth and smash through the fantasy. Happiness is a state of non-illusion, or the dropping of illusion.


Think of a time you are broken hearted and you thought you would never be happy again. What happened? Time went on and you picked up another attachment or managed to find something else you were attracted to. What happened to the old attachment? You didn’t really need it for you to be happy!

Don’t ask the world to change. You change first. Don’t ask the world to die. You die first.

You don’t have to do anything to change. All you have to do is understand. Demands are dropped.

An aware person will state “You go ahead and be yourself, that’s all right, but I’ll protect myself, I’ll be myself.”

The aware makes a statement that they will not be manipulated.

After you have changed you will be able to change whatever you think ought to be changed. Take the log out of your own eye before you attempt to remove your neighbor’s log! If you don’t change, you will lose the right to change anyone or anything. Till you are aware of yourself, you have no right to interfere with anyone else or with the world. When we do not change, we are changing the world for our own selfish reasons – convenience, pride, dogmatic convictions and beliefs, or just to release negative feelings.

When one becomes awake, the people who are moody, inconsiderate, unreliable and treacherous become only frightened. The day you are different, the world will be different. Frightened people cannot hurt an aware person.

There is a simple word that removes the controls of others: NO. Say NO to others. NO removes other people’s control from you. That is not selfish. The selfish thing is to demand that someone else live their life as you see fit.

An aware person can be very hard on others and still be loving. The surgeon is hard on the patient and still be loving. Love can be very hard indeed.

Living and happiness require flow. Life is always changing. When you cling to life, that life is destroyed. When you hold onto something, you cease to live. Happiness is a moment-by-moment contact with reality. You embrace memories and past impressions, and this removes you from the present. Attaching to memories removes you from the flow of the present.

Freedom resides in the heart. When you have attained wisdom, who can enslave you? You can only love when you are alone. Love means seeing a person, a situation, a thing as it really is, not as you imagine it to be. Seeing is blocked by attachment. You can also have attachment to what you or others feel the future should hold. Life in the moment has no attachment to the past or the future. Concentrate on the now instead of hoping for better times in the future. An aware person is not enslaved by the wished attachments of the non-present future.

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