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Humor - The Parts of the Body

A very educational list from Monty Python's "How to Recognise Different Parts of the Body".  Sadly I don't have the diagrams, but this list is a good start on a complete A&P rundown.

How To Recognise Different Parts of the Body - The List
1. The foot
2. The shoulder
3. The other foot
4. The bridge of the nose
5. The naughty bits
6. Just above the elbow
7. Two inches to the right of a very naughty bit indeed
8. The kneecap
9. The ear
10. The big toe
11. More naughty bits
12. The naughty bits of a lady
13. The naughty bits of a horse
14. The naughty bits of an ant
15. The naughty bits of Reginald Maudling
16. The hand
17. The top of the head
18. The feather (rare)
19. The nose
20. The armpit
21. The bottom two thirds of the nape of the neck
22. The nipple
23. The shin
24. Reginald Maudling's shin
25. The brain
26. Margaret Thatcher's brain
27. More naughty bits
28. The naughty bits of the Cabinet
29. The interior of a country house
30. NONE
31. The end (edit)
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