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Shamanist Musings

Below are some of my shamanic musings. None of the points are long enough for an article by themselves, so I've included them together to nudge myself to perhaps write more about each.

Shamanic Ecstasy
The connection with the divine, with God, is personal in the shamanic experience. It cannot be preserved in dogma or ritual. Preservation leads to Religion and Science. The shamanic experience must be on-going because of its unstable and momentary existence. This existence mirrors the workings of the world.

Good and Evil
World is full of polarities that the shamanist discerns instead of judges. The root of evil lies in the promotion of self above the natural rhythms and practices of the universe. Having too much of a polarity will result in this concentration on self and the evil that results. Shamanism seeks balance, giving neither polarity emphasis when its time is not called for. There is natural balance, and the shaman maintains this balance.

Things have a place and time
Most any event can occur when the time and energy are right. Sometimes things cannot be rushed, and sometimes things have to be rushed. Windows of opportunity and manifestations of energy present occasions of power. These occasions are not created. Instead they are recognized through understanding and experience. INTUITION is created from this understanding.

There are debts that must be paid for actions when balance is not maintained. In balance, there is karma. Karma exists in unbalance and unsynchronized actions with nature and Spirit. Shamanism does not control – control is a manifestation of evil influences.
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