Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Path to Awareness - Part 13 – Wisdom and Love


There are four steps the wisdom of Awareness:

Identify feelings in you that you attach to – good and bad. Attaching feelings are negative feelings.
Understand that they are in you, not in the world or external reality.
Do not see negative feelings as essential parts of “I”. Negative things come and go.
Understand that when you change, everything changes.


An attachment “good” or “bad” destroys your ability to love. Love is sensitivity. Love is consciousness. A loving heart is sensitive to the whole of life and to all persons. A loving heart does not harden itself to any one person or thing. Love entails clarity of perception and objectivity. Attachment is blinding and hardening. A heart in love remains soft and sensitive. A heart focused on getting this or that becomes ruthless, hardened and insensitive. You cannot love people when you need them. When you need people you are using them instead of loving them.

Perfect Love casts out fear. No demands or dependence are created. The company is enjoyed, but not required for happiness. Enjoy on a non-clinging basis. Enjoyment is something bigger than the two people. It continues after company is parted.

Perfect love makes no demands, no expectations, no dependency. I do not demand that you make me happy. My happiness does not lie in you. I enjoy company and do not cling. If you are attached to appreciation and praise, you are going to view people in terms of their threat to your attachment or their fostering of you attachment. Perfect love is not possible when you are attached to praise and adoration.

Love is understanding what is meant to be alone and comfortable with aloneness, with nowhere to rest your head, to leave everyone behind. Understand that people are free to be and we are free to be ourselves. Love is being special to nobody and treat all the same (love all).

Love in our culture: desiring control, possession, manipulation, fear and anxiety. True love is clear sighted. Attachment is blind. Clinging, craving and desire are blind. We don’t perceive people clearly because of emotions, conditioning, likes and dislikes get in the way.

Why don’t we have bliss? We focus on what we don’t have.

There’s not a single evil in the world that can’t be traced back to fear. Ignorance is caused by fear, and that is where violence comes from.

A person who is nonviolent is also fearless. People get angry because they are afraid. They are afraid of losing their attachments. Angry people are frightened people.

Wisdom arrives when you have dropped the barriers you have erected through your concepts and conditioning. Wisdom is not acquired. Wisdom is not experience and wisdom is not applying yesterday’s illusions to today’s problems. Wisdom is being sensitive to a situation or person while being uninfluenced by the residue of the past.

A wonderful example of this is the need for detachment for wisdom to be present in an intuitive reading. Objectivity is key to developing an accurate sense of intuition. An indicator of accurate intuition is a lack of emotion. Impressions are clear and completely unemotional. When you read for yourself or somebody with an energy connection to you, the accuracy of intuition can be compromised because of interference of emotions and desires of “what should be”. Detachment is essential to accomplish an accurate evaluation. Nothing causes more interference than the need to be "right" or to prove that you can do an intuitive evaluation. Detachment becomes critical to the receiving of correct information.

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