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Forms of Death Wishes

I’ve become aware that are several types of death wishes. The form I have is the “let’s just get out of here please” type. The other type of death wish is a desire for an specific form of afterlife. This topic is both interesting and quite scary to me for reasons I will share. I'm putting the rest behind a cut because of the focus on Dominionists' beliefs.

Today on Google Video I saw a very good documentary from BBC's Channel 4 in the UK. The narrator, Tony Robinson, refers to Dominionists as "end-timers" as he takes a probing look at the philosophy and politics of end-time believers. While Tony does voice some very personal comments, the majority of the documentary features the comments and views of others.

There is much that personally alarms me about the Dominionists' agenda, but part of what jumped out at me in the documentary was the rapt focus on the afterlife. While a focus on the afterlife is not unusual, and I have my own beliefs on such things, the agenda presented by the documentary motivated the believers to change the current life of themselves and others. These dominionists seek to influence the world around them to bring about the optimal afterlife in the form of Apocalypse. The focus is to the detriment of management of natural resources and global politics. I may have a personal death wish that is the product of depression, but these ardent believers embrace a philosophy that seeks an end to all of our lives. Madness I say.

I may see death as an escape, but it is only one of many. I escape into my hobbies, my mate, music and lovely little cat-children. I end up seeing life as the reason to stay.

In contrast the Dominionists seem to embrace death. Do they worship death? Sadly, this is the impression I've had for several years. I feel especially sad when I see sane, intelligent and honorable people embrace this philosophy. Yes, this is my opinion, and the opinion is formed based on the most vocal of Dominionist supporters, but it is still sad. The only consolation I have is that the most vocal spokespeople are perhaps driven by power, politics, group agendas or the like. Their belief takes on a taint of madness because they must embrace an extreme position. It is my experience that the embrace of the extreme is a common factor in accumulation of power. Moving to a middle ground would lead to a loss of power, influence or stature. Ah... good stuff for another blog.

I prefer my death wish to the Dominionsts' version. While I may be morbid and funky, I am not seeking to end the existence of my fellow man. Instead my fellow man prompts me to continue to live as I am faced with creative challenges and opportunities to live outside of my depression. The Dominionist form of the death wish seems to be fed by interaction with others. They seem to relish the pain and suffering of 'non-believers'. Ok, they don't really (maybe!). The publicized suffering is there for conversion and FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), but gads... why is it that people are so completely insane in their cherished spiritual beliefs? I can almost see the reasons that atheists walk away from anything that smacks of religion. This reaction could be an embrace of the life that is in front of us instead of the promised things on the other side of death. I'll embrace life in my own ways. (smile)
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