Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Path to Awareness - Part 14 – Death

Statement: You must lose yourself to find yourself. You must die to live.

Depression and pain tie us to ourselves. Happiness through awareness releases us from self-absorption. We die by understanding our true natures, and not the suffering that clouds who we really are.

People mistake living for keeping the body alive. Living is instead an intimacy with death. Think of the grave and the moldering corpse. This will bring the moment into perspective and push you to live now.

If you drop the illusions you have you would be alert. The consequence of not doing so are so terrifying and inescapable that you lose the ability to love. If you wish to love you must learn to see again. If you wish to see, you must learn to give up your drugs. Give up depending. Drop the bonds of society. Externally everything will go on as before, and you will continue to be IN the world, but you will no longer be of it. You don’t have to go to the wilderness. You can be among people and enjoy it. People will no longer have the ability to make you happy or miserable. That is what aloneness is. In aloneness the capacity to love is born.

The process is a terror as you must invite yourself to die. Like the addict, there are withdrawal symptoms and emptiness as the drug is removed. For a time nothing will seem to fill the emptiness except the drug.

After this passes, you will have awaken. All is clear and unclouded by fear or desire.

It has been asked if one can only be fully human by experiencing tragedy? The only tragedy there is in the world is ignorance. All evil comes from it. The only tragedy there is in the world is unwakefullness and unawareness. From them comes fear, and from fear come everything else. Death is not the tragedy. Dying is wonderful. Death is only horrible to those who do not understand life. It is only when you are afraid of life that you are afraid of death. Death is resurrection. IF you die to the past, if you die to every minute, than you would be the person who is fully alive. A fully alive person is one who is full of death. We are always dying to things and shedding things. If you do this with awareness of the dying and shedding, you will be fully alive and resurrected at every moment.

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