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Shadows and Love

This is an article excerpt that speaks to the nature of personal shadow and the role of love in integrating the shadow. The much lengthier original article was about the Good and Evil. Nowadays I find myself wrestling with my shadow and find that these words give a clue on who I can deal with my guilt and self-sabotage.

As the shadow is the unrealized parts of Self, it is imperative that it be acknowledged and integrated to attain the viewpoint of the Divine. As the Divine viewpoint encompass all that is good and evil as expressed in its proper time and space, so should your lives have some element of divine balance that acknowledges the same.

While the shadow is described in negative terms, it contains many vital qualities that we can add to our life and strength if we are related to them in the correct way. We need the energies of our unlived lives when we reach our middle years, for at that time the energies we have been using for a long time are beginning to run out. This is achieved by a psychological recognition of the shadow personality and integration of the Shadow and not through giving license to the darker side of our personality.

Another important help we get from the Shadow is a sense of humor. Humor expresses so many of our hidden, inferior, or feared emotions. What strikes our sense of humor gives us a sense of what lays in our Shadows. People in whom the Shadow is too repressed are apt to lack a sense of humor.

Consciousness of our projections, dreams, and fantasies provide a map of what the hidden Shadow holds, and where we must concentrate the efforts to recognize and integrate the strength of the shadow before we fall victim to its darker side. We are much more likely to be overcome by the Shadow when we do not recognize it, for the unrecognized Shadow has a myriad of ways of asserting itself, as we have seen in the case of projection.

As long as people observe morally scrupulous lives only because of outer sanctions, but with no knowledge of themselves, their morality is on a collective level. A higher morality can come only through self-knowledge. Moreover, the moral values people hold are effective only within the range of consciousness. When we are unaware of our inclinations to darkness and evil, in the area of unawareness our moral codes and sense of value are ineffective, for where conditions of ignorance prevail, the Shadow remains an autonomous figure who is unrelated to the rest of the personality. A true morality must necessarily go hand in hand with personal knowledge of one’s Shadow.

Love is the key to accepting our shadow sides, both individually and collectively. The love I speak of is Divine love, not egocentric love. Divine love is capable of bridging the gap between the relative views of good and evil that our egocentric and feeling parts present. Love is capable of rejecting the parts of good and evil that are not productive to our lives, and making use of the good and evil that will transform us.

Love is a paradox in itself. For Love to overcome the destructive side of evil, it must sacrifice itself to the evil. Through the sacrifice, the evil is redeemed or removed, and Love rejuvenated. As Divine Love can only be understood from the Divine viewpoint, we may not recognize it before or after a sacrifice is made. In this context, Love can be best defined as the acceptance of the Divine; a place of no power and all power. When force is used to exact goodness, the result is evil. Love has no force and at the same time it can change all things. Good and evil are temporary, Divine Love is everlasting.
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