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Life's Challenges - To Wish and to Have

An incredibly dear friend of mine faces challenges in the realms of finances, health, and future security. This is not unusual in the human experience. The thing that makes me ponder their situation is that they've tapped into many powerful bodily medicines, energetic clearing methods, and abundance delivery devices. My friend probably knows them self better than most of us are comfortable to do likewise. They've done the research, embraced the methods and done the work. Yet, by terms of average health and abundance, they struggle.

This brings questions to my mind and I've learned a lot from addressing the doubts that arose. If somebody could do so much, spend so much time and energy, than why haven't the tools reaped those things that my friend REALLY wants. They survive, and for this I am very happy. They do wish more. The abundance methods they've embraced have brought other's their wildest dreams. My friend wishes they were healthier. The supplements they take have created miracle cures for others. Why not for my friend? The answers are both instructive and humbling in the face of a larger reality.

I'll share in bullet form the thoughts I have about the incongruence between what could be and what is:
  • My friend's life would be much worse, or may not have even continued, if it were not for the intervention of the methods my friend deployed.

  • Success in life has no dogmatic answer.

  • Success is not measured by an income of X number of dollars and Y amount of insurance.

  • Sometimes just being alive is success in itself.

  • A person's 'purpose' in life may exclude the attainment or holding of conventional measures of success or health.

  • Manifestation does not always work on our schedules.

  • We can be blind to those things that hold us back.

  • We choose some things in our live, no matter how much we deny this intellectually.

  • The people we share space with can influence our own outcomes. Energy is meshed and results are shared.

  • Life is an n-th dimensional existence. Outcomes in our recognized dimension are unsubstantial measurements of the higher/other dimensions.

  • Success can be measured by how hard a person tries and not the bean-counter outcome.

  • Life is shared with others by example and quality of living.

  • My friend is super and does all they can, if not more, to continue sharing their life with others. Kudos.
Does anybody have other ideas to share on the disconnect between what we want, work for, and what we get?
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