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Danger, Will Robinson!

Yesterday I saw a commercial that appealed the horror fan in me. This Budweiser creation was one of the 2007 Super Bowl Commercials.

Here's the scoop... a man and his girlfriend are driving down a dark road. The guy picks up a late-night hitchhiker (over the protests of his girlfriend) who was carrying an axe along with a six-pack of Bud Light. When asked, the axe-man says, "its a... bottle opener". The guy then encounters another suspicious hitchhiker who also was carrying Bud Light -- and a chainsaw. As the chainsaw is revved, the boyfriend says, "look he has Bud-Lite!" The axe carrying hitchhiker replies, "AND a chain saw!", in a high-pitched, apprehensive voice.

Chortle!!! I was thinking about the commercial this morning and realized that it points out the blind spots we have when it comes to percieved degrees of danger. The girlfriend was aware of the danger the entire time. The axe hitchhiker was danger personalized originally, but he then became the frightened one when the chainsaw hitchhiker came along. Meanwhile, the driver was still oblivious, only seeing the six packs of Bud Lite. In fact, he gives a begrudging shrug in acknowledgment that the chainsaw guy MIGHT be dangerous. Commercials and human psychology meet!

Axe Hitchhiker with "bottle opener"

Chain Saw Hitchhiker (complete with sack mask and accompaniment of revving motor sound!)
Tags: commerical, danger, perception

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