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The Ways of Magic

This is a somewhat rambling outline about the tools of magic. An astute LJ friend recently posted quotations about existence and awareness based on yogic precepts. This material is a balancing concept with a focus on intention, faith and action. Good stuff I think...

Execution of Magic requires:
A relationship with the universe
These guide us to the time, place, tools and actions.


All things have a time and a place
Actions are easier and harder depending on when they are done
Analogy of plants: water, sunshine and soil are good. BUT – not always.

The person performing magic must know:

What, why, who, when, where

Is magic mechanistic? No!

Other variables:

Hand of God
Incomplete knowledge

Faith is required.

Analogy: The throwing of a dart
A bit of luck
Perfection is not iron fisted
The dart must be let go!
Make preparations and then let go.
Learn lessons from the results
The true master of magic exposes a yogic mindset saying:

The trick is not in doing something right, but in not doing it at all. The rightness will follow”. This word paradox incorporates:
  • The action is still performed
  • It is done in the place where the divine is in control and the ego merely observes

  • There is no duality of incorrect or correct.

  • There is a transcendent place of what is, through the reason that it is the only thing that can be
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