Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

The Benefit of Disbelief

There is a benefit to disbelief. The benefit is an incredible one, allowing for sanity and peaceful living. I am once again drawn to both movie and real(er) life examples.

My lovely mate happened to watch about two minutes of "Dawn of the Dead". The scene was peaceful enough as a man looked out a glass door/window. A bloody zombie suddenly lunged into the picture and my mate jumped about a foot in her chair. We promptly changed the channel. She is also keen (enough) to see "Resident Evil : Extinction" with me. What gives? They are both zombie movies. The catch is that the Dawn of the Dead movie is too close to reality. She is cannot distance herself enough from the movie. The thread here is that she does not like to see the possible reality twisted into a horrific reality. The movies are "too real" even though their premises are fantastic. The things off two bubbles, like vampire inhabited realities, are OK. Just don't get too close to real. The new Resident Evil movie is fantastic enough - post-apocalyptic Las Vegas with zombies - that my mate can "keep her distance" from the movie.

I have the same reaction when people project their beliefs on me. I'm affected by those beliefs that are similar enough to my reality. My belief in the returning afterlife deters my desire to remove myself from this life. There are also beliefs that I just don't buy into at all. There are religious systems in my nation that would have me believe that I am damned as I consort with demons, etc. My disbelief in their systems allows me to turn aside their preaching with a light heart. This is just an example. There are other belief systems that I acknowledge and then choose not to embrace in my disbelief. The move is one of survival. I believe that we would fly apart if we attempted to embrace each and every belief system that existed. We must choose our own way and find a degree of peace with that choice. Disbelief is the balm for those horrors that others project at me.

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