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What's it Going to Be Merv?

I've been watching the 2nd and 3rd Matrix movies this weekend. I have some quick observations to fill up today's blogs.

#1 The scene in the 2nd movie where Neal brings Trinity back so reminds me of what happens when an energetic healing occurs. I can feel myself reach inside the client and touch whatever asks for work. Trinity felt Neal's hand in her chest. This also can happen during an energetic healing.

#2 It is so interesting how the Zion guys strive to be "organic" in an era ruled by machines. The machines are very inhuman. No infiltrating Terminators here. The technology used by the humans is archaic by the standards of the time. Iron plates have rivets. The equipment on the ships like the Nebuchadnezzar' seem to be very large and heavy for a ship who must hover and maneuver in small places. I suspect the differentiation is there to allow for technology while making it "more human connected". The Armored Personnel Units (APUs) are an example of this. They could have been much better armored, but this would have taken away some of the human element.

#3 Everyone tells Neal, "I want the same thing you want". The Oracle and Smith both say this line.

#4 The dialog about choice is rich. It would be fascinating to do a study of the metaphysics of choice based on the movies.

#5 Smith is another fascinating archetype. He is Neal's opposite (or visa-versa). Is he the Devil to Neal's savior? Another interesting study.

#6 I would love to see a history of how the ancient programs are related. Seraph has connections to several of them, including the Oracle and Merovingian. There are clues to this history in "The Matrix Online".

Ahhh... good stuff...
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