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The Sun Shines Everywhere

I finished Al Franken's book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them". I'm now reading "The Truth (with jokes)". I've really enjoy Franken's mixture of truthful exposure mixed with humor. I've also realized a few very sad things about his form of journalism.

Here's the deal. I'll admit that I'm a liberal. My salary is about the only thing about me that is vaguely Republican, well, that and the fact I live in South Carolina. The rest of my life is so out there. I appreciate living in a nation that is tolerant of different lifestyles. The cookie-cutter moralistic version of Republicanism scares me, bad. The rest of this article is based on this biased perspective.

Franken's books are brutally honest. He lays open the dirty deeds of some very powerful and influential people. I admire this. Franken took on some big dogs with his words. The dogs were Republicans all the way from the President to the those very vocal media spokes people. He did good. It doesn't matter though.

Here's where I think Franken's words are muted. Life is not fair. War is Hell and politics are war. People do dirty things to win and then stay in power. The outcomes aren't geared to being nice, honest or compassionate. Instead the politicians and the machines behind them are focused on WIN WIN and WIN. Both Democrats and Republicans have blood on their hands. Neither party is clean. So, for Franken to call the Republicans "dirty" is like saying that the sun is shining somewhere in the world.

I read Franken's books because I want to know how dirty the Republican machine is and how morally tainted/bankrupt their biggest leaders are. (IMO!) The Democrats hand may be bloody, but the Republicans are soaked head-to-toe with the red stuff. The drive to WIN has created some vicious bedfellows. The campaigners of the Republican machine find truth to be an inconvenient commodity. Those who are campaigning have a selective perception of truth. Strangely they are bedfellows with some of the most moralistic people on the planet. The word "hypocrisy" comes to mind, but then I reminded that there is a cultural war going on. No prisoners are to be taken! Returning to my analogy, the sun may be shining somewhere in the world, but blast furnace temperatures are not normal.

I would put a simple question to put to anybody who supports a political party that strives to win at all costs. Do you accept the methods they use? Are your opponents dangerous enough to stretch, break, spindle and mutilate the truth that most rational people recognize? I am speaking to both Democrats and Republicans. The politicians are using our power in support of their often hidden agendas. Is the price too much in relation to the gains that you are realizing from their actions?

In closing I will share why I think the Republican "sun" should not shine. I detest people who motivate using FUD - Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. Franken categorized the 2004 election as being driven by a Republican campaign of Fear, Smears and Queers. The sum was an atmosphere that pushed sane people to run to the arms of our current President. This makes me really angry. Politics are dirty. This is a fact. Elections are to be won. Also a fact. The craw in my throat is the continuance of the language and the message. (IMO!) The Republicans are irrevocably tied to their past messages. There is no escape for them. It is mean spirited of me, but I hope they (the Republican political machine) fall on their own swords. There are signs this is happening already. The Neocon movement is losing steam. The FUD message rings false to more and more people and I can only say, "it is about time".

Kudos to Franken. I wish him luck on his 2008 U.S. Senate campaign (Wikipedia and Franken's site). I hope more people hear his mixture of political satire and humor as the Truth is shared.
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