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9/11 Remembered?

Today is the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Towers. Something is different this year. The response seems to be muted. The local newspaper echoed this in their front-page story. What has changed? Have the family, friends and associates of victims forgotten the terrible deed? I pray not. Instead there is something else afoot.

Here is my take. Year #6 of the anniversary is not an election year or a near-election year. The politicians are staying home. The rhetoric of "evil this" and "fight for good that" is taking a vacation. I am both relieved and really pissed. My relief comes from the fact that this year's news articles are about rebuilding (or lack of in the MSN article) and healing. I am REALLY pissed because I feel used, abused and assaulted in the prior years. Where are the "danger danger danger" calls of previous years? Was the rough violation by the fear mongers in previous years for their personal agendas? Where are the bully pulpits now? Surely the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) was not just to get somebody elected??? (***VENT***).

And with that vented, I wish everyone healing in this time of honored both the living and departed.
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