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Lies Lies Lies!

So I rent the unrated director's cut of "BloodRayne II: Deliverance". The cover of the DVD shows the lovely Natassa Malthe sporting a rather hot outfit. There is a lot of waist and a bit of side-cleavage. Good stuff for the movie, or so I thought!

Here is my rant. Natassia never wore this outfit during the movie. What a rip. Here I was geared up for some hot wild-west vampire killing action WITH revealing outfits. Vampires were killed but the action was sans the outfit. The most she showed was a bit of belly button. The affect of the "unrated" version also escaped me. You could have shown the entire movie on network TV. How was the movie? C-. It is sad that talented directors make movies like this.

Do you think the DVD designers are the same people who put misleading covers on romance books??? Could be!

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