Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

Path to Awareness - Part 18 – Conclusion - The Child Returns

Identification with concepts of the world is the death of awareness. The child and the Fool are naturally aware. Every child has a god in him. Our attempt to mold the child will turn the god into a devil. The world beings with children, and they are the salvation. The world is lost to the adult, and only the children after us can save it.

To have awareness to watch and observe what is going on within and around you. Reality is always moving. We should strive to see through the eyes of a child instead of the labeling eyes of the adult. The uselessness and lunacy of adult labeling is seen in a recent Delta Airlines ad. People walk through the airport with luggage tags ephemerally attached to them. They say “Student”, “Cares”, “All Business” and so on. This makes perfect sense to us as adults, but is crazy to a child. Are these people all their tags say? Here is the lunacy.

The literature of the spiritual world proclaims the insight of the Child and the Fools. The archetype of the Child and the Fool have one thing in common: They are not afflicted by the blindness of attachment, and see reality for what it really is. They see it, and cannot describe it. Our blindness says they cannot describe it because they do not the gift of education, the power of words. The truth is that they cannot describe it because it cannot be described. When reality just IS, the magic of the Child and the Fool reign. Anything is possible, nothing is assured. (shades of Alice in Wonderland)

Children needs no conscience, no dogma, no rules when they are sensitive. Be sensitive. Be a child. Nourish the children and nourish yourself.

And lastly...

Spirituality is awareness awareness awareness

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