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Dimensional Thoughts - The Zero Dimension and the 1st Dimension, God Source, Duality, and Ego

There is much interest now in ascension and the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension has been described as the dimension of light and love. Ascension provides the path from our partially realized 4th dimension existence to a fully realized 5th dimension experience. The 4th dimension, often thought of the time dimension, calls us to fully understand it before we can ascend higher. The purpose of this article is to begin to discuss the connections and limitations of the 1st through 4th dimensions, providing a basis for understanding the ascension to the 5th dimension.

The journey begins with the zero dimension. Geometry expresses the zero dimension as a single dot. There are no points of reference in this dimension. All that exists here does so in an immeasurable state of singularity. It is immeasurable because there is no alternative frame of reference to gauge the singularity against. We, as human beings, realize that this state exists and strive to describe the indescribable. One of the most familiar expressions of this singularity is the Tao. A product of the East, the Tao is described as a world that covers all creation and destruction in one thought. The Tao Teh Ching, Chapter 12, says “It is the subtle origin of the whole of creation and non-creation. It existed prior to the beginning of time as the deep and subtle reality of the universe. It brings all into being.”

The zero dimension, the state of singularity, is an uncomfortable state for our minds. Simultaneously, it is a powerful spiritual concept. In singularity all things are possible and unrealized in a state of neither life nor death, dark nor light, good nor evil. All things are possible in a perfect potential. When the singularity is embraced as the cradle of creation, it takes the form of God, the creator of all things.

The root chakra, located at the base of the spine, is symbolic of the zero dimension. Survival and grounding are the themes of the root chakra. Self-preservation is the goal at this level. From this focus springs the seed of the higher chakras. The higher energies of the other chakras depend on the potential of the root chakra’s guardianship.

Our thought patterns begin in the next dimension, the 1st dimension. The 1st dimension is graphically represented as a line. In this dimension the singularity transforms into a duality. How does this occur? The process of actualizing a dimension is very easy. The object from the previous dimension is projected through the current dimension. The point becomes a line as it travels through the 1st dimension. The 1st dimension, the land of duality, is as a comfortable state for us as the zero dimension was a foreign state. We humans focus, to the point of obsession, on the dualities of world. Hot is inescapable from cold. Tall is linked to short. Deep correlates with shallow. Rich bonds with poor. Base human existence is firmly anchored in the 1st dimension expressed by duality of the line.

The Eastern symbol for the duality of the 1st dimension is the yin/yang sign. The original potential of zero dimension singularity is manifested in the shifting sign expressing the flow of the energy from one state to another. This energy extends to our thoughts and emotions. Happy emotions will eventually become sad. The sad emotions will revert to happier ones in time. Our existence is not a static one and neither is our perception of the existence.

The 1st dimension aligns with the 2nd chakra. Desires supplant the previous chakra’s message of survival. Attention is turned to what can be had. Lack is realized, and with this, the goal of wealth is determined. The most common association of the 2nd chakra is sexual. What is sex? It is the joining of two separate entities to form a celebration of duality.

How is a dimension viewed? Strangely enough, the viewing of a given dimension is through the eyes of the dimension below it. We cannot view the zero dimension because there is not dimension lower than it. The 1st dimension is measured in dualities, but viewed from a point of singularity. We can only experience one part of the duality at a time. We cannot view the full potential of the duality at the same time. I use the words view and experience interchangeably here. The experience of a condition, in this case the dimensions, creates a view of that condition.

The 1st dimension’s viewing of the world through zero dimensional glasses creates the illusion of singularity. In the 1st dimension we are challenged to appreciate the duality of things. We are not viewing true singularity, true zero-point, when the experience is one-dimensional. The Ego rises up in our minds instead of God in this false sense of singularity. The Ego, a vehicle of 2nd chakra survival, measures where we are and where we want to be. The Ego seeks to protect us by measuring things in two dimensions – me and them – and views things in one dimension – me. The Ego is regulated to this dimension. It cannot escape it’s place here.

Where does this leave us in our climb to the 5th dimension? With only two dimensions traveled, we seem to be at the major juxtaposition of human life. We arrive at the place where Egos dominate and survival is king. Power, the striving for change in our vision of the world, or the grasping of what we have, fighting the ebb and flow of the nature of duality, dominates. This is not our final destination. The path will continue on in future articles as the ascension through the other dimensions is explored.
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