Big Rowan Ackison (greensh) wrote,
Big Rowan Ackison

True Heroes

My LJ friend brightlotusmoon recently wrote about wanting to be Jean Grey from The X-Men. Her posting was timely in that I had just completed X-Men Legends. Jean Grey was a powerful member of my team, blowing away the competition with her psychic attacks. The furniture and walls of rooms were also destroyed with her assaults. Only the mentally resistant opponents could stand up against her assault. Devastating!

I thought about heroes. A powerful hero like Jean Grey in X-Men Legends is fine for kicking enemy butt, but she is not somebody you'd want in your own house. Is she truly a hero to others? What can she offer the common person? There is a hero that people truly wish to both recognize and embrace.

A smile and a kind word is hero enough for most people. The application of respect for others is heroic in this age. The server in a restaurant doesn't want you to blow a hole in the wall. They would just like a smile and acknowledgment of their contribution. Well, that and a decent tip. The person with a armful of packages doesn't want you to rip a door off its hinges, but it would be nice for the door to be held open for them. These seemingly little things can make anybody a hero to others.

I believe that a true hero is judged by their service and attention to others. A fantastic world in peril may require super telekinetic heroes. The everyday world just asks for kindness.

Note... brightlotusmoon is a hero to me!

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