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Degrees of Reality

I'm listening to the book-on-tape version of "The Alienist" by Caleb Carr. This unusual murder mystery got me thinking about the different worlds of human experience. I also thought about the importance of the diverse human experience.

The story features the boy-prostitute clubs of 1890's New York. This environment is far removed from my own life, but I am sure that they did exist. The novel presenting a past echo of a human dimension separated from mine life. I pondered the wide variety of human dimensions that exist in my present time world. There are people having experiences that might as well be in another world from my own. Though foreign, the lifetimes are very real to others. They could be real to me if I took the time and energy to reach out to them. Some 'human dimensions' have little draw for me. Others are tantalizing. All are theoretically available.

My question is this, why do people seek 'metaphysical' dimensions? Some people seek places outside of that thing known as physical existence. The reasons vary. There are higher realms of wisdom and insight elsewhere. Ancestors and noncorporal guides are available to those who can look beyond the physical. This is good stuff. Is it enough? Do we embrace these ethereal realms at the expense of not paying attention to a richer share of the human experience?

There are so many worlds HERE, but they are not typically embraced. I believe that most of us take the easy way to sample these worlds. TV and movies give us glimpses of what others experience. These glimpses are sanitized, molded and directed by the whims of others. The toe is put in the water and then pulled back out. Shoot, the water isn’t real because it is an illusion of a producer or director. We owe ourselves more than this. We owe ourselves a connection to a world that offers riches beyond most metaphysical wanderings.

My ponderings moved onto the realization that it is possible to become distracted by a fascination with the metaphysical. The metaphysical is part and parcel of the 'real' experience. This is true. The metaphysical is also one bubble over from where the majority of people live their lives. A too full embrace of the metaphysical puts us in a shadow realm, separated most people.

Entrapment by depression and the woes of life have a similar affect. Depression is natural too, but the walls created are high and wide. The metaphysical side of life is experienced again. This time the visions are much darker. The separation from the amazingly rich physical realm is even deeper. The outcome is a life most pale with only the discordant vibrations of an ethereal reality. It is in this time that alien diversity of physical realms is both incredibly potent and important.

The relative positive and negative sides of the metaphysical can be either voluntary or involuntary distractions to the life we should really have. I walk both sides of the metaphysical equation. It is time that I found out what the world is really about and start living.
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