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Former Lumber Storage Rack

Sometimes abandonment comes in degrees. These are pictures of a wood storage rack behind an antique/junk store. The location was previously a hardware/lumber store. I asked the sales guy if I could take pictures of the structure. He said, "yeah, but don't get on it". No problem there! The stairs are rotted out at some very key locations such as the landings. I like pictures like this because of all the lines. Much of the structure is still there but enough is gone to make the rack useless and quite dangerous. The solid and broken lines reflect the condition Sadly, this is the story of many abandoned structures. The pictures of the caddy and truck are bonuses. The complete set of pics is here on Flickr.

Two 'abandoned' cars adjacent to wood storage rack
Pictures of the end most close to the main building.  The stairs are rotted out at very key locations (click on picture to see more details).  There is no way a person could safely go to the top of this structure.  Maybe that's what the ladder is for!
Pictures at the far end and middle of the wood storage rack
A shot over the truck, middle of rack and looking toward front end
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