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Dimensional Thoughts - The 1st Dimension, The Peacemaker and Warrior Archetypes in the 1st Dimension

The 1st dimension is very important to understanding dimensional ascension. We strive to ascend to the 5th dimension, but can only do so by fully experiencing and understanding the dimensions below that place of light and love. The 1st dimension is so critical because it is where the majority of our lives take place. We humans focus, to the point of obsession, on the dualities of world. Hot is inescapable from cold. Tall is linked to short. Deep correlates with shallow. Rich bonds with poor. Base human existence is firmly anchored in the 1st dimension expressed by duality of the line.
The lines of our one-dimensional lives rarely experience the absolutes of existence. To be absolutely cold or absolutely hot is a death sentence. This may be an extreme example, so lets examine the duality of rich/poor. We can never be absolutely poor. The poorest person still has their life, and there are those who would give all the money in the world to live another moment. Absolute richness is impossible as a person cannot have everything in the world. We have to share abundance. Sharing is a place somewhere on that line between absolutes. This is where we really are. If hot is represented by (1) and cold is represented by (0), than we exist in a place of uncertainty, represented by the notation (1/2).

There are two archetypes that teach us lessons through the uncertainties of the 1st dimension. These archetypes guide us through the uncertainty of the (1/2) states while providing a path to ascension. The first archetype is that of the peacemaker. The second archetype is that of the warrior. Both aspire to ascend in their own ways.
The peacemaker learns their lesson by crossing their lines of 1st dimension experience with those of others. Some crossings will be complimentary and some will be contradictory. The times of crossings are noted by excitement or stress. These feelings are so very important. We can become lost in the vastness of the uncertain places. Interactions with other’s dualities show were we are in our own dualities. This is gift, though it may be painful at times. When our lives cross others, and dualities touch for a brief moment, we can more clearly see where we are and where we are going.

The peacemaker experiences the 1st dimension by connecting their lines of duality with others over and over again, until a fabric is formed out of the individual threads of our lives. This builds towards the mesh that will become the 2nd dimension. Ascension will move forward through the 2nd dimension. By combining uncertainties, and using each other as a reference to the god source, progress is made towards ascension.

The warrior archetype also appears in the 1st dimension. Us-against-them appears. The Ego supports this action as a survival tool. There is also a spiritual side to the warrior archetype as reveal they hidden. The warrior picks a relative absolute and seeks out the polar relative absolute to battle. The result is debate and aggression. Debate reveals the uncertain states in-between. Aggression creates energies. The relative absolutes act as the positive and negative posts on a battery. All that we need is an issue to act as the light bulb that will be lit up by the resulting flowing current. The illumination reveals much more of the wholeness of the duality, and the mystery of life is lessened.

There are those in this world that are drawn to be the poles of the battery. When the ends of the line join, and the positive touches negative, energy will flow through rest of us. The created circle creates a continuity. We are all somewhere on that circle. We get a brief glimpse of the singularities of life, the zero dimensions of life, through those who allow the line to become a circle. Those who join the circle, the warriors of the world, gain their own special knowledge.

The warrior’s path is one way to fully experience the 1st dimension. The warrior is called to experience the dualistic poles simultaneously so they can reach back to the singularity of the zero-dimension. Rapture and grief are simultaneously felt as we lay with a loved one while knowing there will be separation. Riches and poverty are simultaneously felt as we know that all that is acquired will be lost. That juxtaposition is our touchstone to moving out of uncertainty and there we reconnect to our god source. If you seek to be a pole of the battery, warring and combining dualistic foes, you inherently seek a magical place as you will have the opportunity to see the full expanses of life while providing light to others. You will find a path to the fifth dimension through the zero-dimension. This is not an easy path.

The goal is the same for both of these honorable paths – ascension. These two paths – that of the warrior and the peacemaker - will be examined in future articles. Fully live one of these goals as you struggle with the uncertainty of the 1st dimension. Live, enjoy, and be.
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