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Rural Buildings in the Small Town

Recently I stopped in the historical portion of Woodruff SC to check out a yard sale. There was a very interesting building next door with moss on one side of the roof. Upon closer inspection I found there were some very rurally constructed storage/barn buildings in the rear yard of the house. These are a rare find even in a small(ish) town like Woodruff. The main house was an antique store. Now it seems to just be used for storage. I suspect that the next owner will tear down the sheds, these worn relics of the past, thus truly urbanizing the property.

Building at back of propertyFront view of buildingSmall attached shed on building
Side view of building and attached shedShelter next to attached shed.Small shed in the middle of the back yard.
Scene from back of main houseFront of main houseSide of main house
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