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Lines and Another House Pic

My love of photography extends from a fascination of lines and spaces. I think my focus on abandoned places is partially explained by this. An abandoned place has its original lines of function and utility. The building existed for a reason and had a life defined by that purpose. An abandoned building has new lines of decay from the press of time and elements. The result is a picture that has unique lines that straddle worlds of life and death (aka change).

I've looked around my house to see interesting lines. The picture below is of a bulletin board above my desk. I've run it through a graphics program with an 'oil painting' tweak. The picture is an interesting study in lines, elements and space. I also placed a frame around the picture. The frame is a bit cheesy. I think I'll leave that off in future pics. For your consideration...

Bulletin Board with Cats and Turtles
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