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Questions People Ask

Why do we seem to condemn ourselves?

I listen to questions put to the Bush (our President), and he is asked, "When will the evil and unjust war in Iraq end?". This is an example of a loaded question, much like the "have you stopped beating your wife?" question. I am not surprised that people ask these questions if they are seeking to make a point. What I am amazed at is some people think a question like this is valid in “truth” seeking. The questioner is not asking what the time-table for the end of the war is. They are instead trying to get Bush to admit that the war is evil and unjust. This may not be part of his experience and perception. I believe that it is irrational to think that the question is a ‘valid’ one if the intent of the question is to create a shared experience. Why can’t the reporter just be honest, stand up, and say, “I think you are a wrong Mr. Bush”. They are saying that, but the expression of a “fair and impartial” media suffers. If a person really wanted to know about the timing of the pull-out, the question would be asked like "when will the troop levels in Iraq be reduced?"

I think we set up ourselves with questions like this. We ask ourselves, "why can't I be happy?" It sounds simple enough, but the question has a hidden bias. The apparently positive question is really one of condemnation. Typically there is a back-story to the question, and consciously or unconsciously the question is not fair. The question may really be asking, "When will I stop being ugly and stupid? When will I stop feeling empty? When will I stop allowing person X to hurt me?" The divine truth is that we were never ugly or stupid in the light of transcendent love. We were never empty to being with, and person X is interacting with us from a place of being divinely human. To answer the original questions condemns us unfairly, and sends us into an emotional loop from which emotional "logic" cannot retrieve us.
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