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The Ghost of Laurens Mill

This set of pictures from the Laurens Mill in Laurens SC features the remaining walls and buttresses of the building.

This present day view is from the smokestack end of the building. Only five or six window bays are left of the original building walls. The largest corner remaining of the building is of newest construction. The flying buttresses reveal the barest outlines of the original building, leaving the imagination to see what is not longer present.

Modern corner and end of building Street side of buildingStreet side of building and Stairwell Tower.
Street side of building in the remains of the warehouse/administration area.In the interior of the building looking at the far wall and bathroom doorsThe remaining girder overhead
This is what is left of the once mighty buildingLooking down on 'mini tower' in side of the remaining wallOn the floor of the interior looking towards the warehouse.  Stairwell Tower on left
Standing at the remains of the warehouse, looking towards the remaining wallsWhere is the building?  The demolition is almost completeFar side of building with Bathroom Tower in foreground.
Flying buttresses on street side. Walking towards the towersOn the ground outside the remains of the building
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