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TRUE HISTORY(?!?) - Robot Chicken 1776 Spoof On 300

Ok iskender, you were the first person I thought of when I saw the following on Robot Chicken...

YouTube has yanked the 1776 video. Something about Cartoon Network claiming copyright... who knows? It is still here if you'd like to see this great spoof.

The Script
(Announcer) From the people who claim 300 is a true story, comes the tale of our nations birth...

(bare chest soldier to bare chested Washington) General Washington, the Redcoats outnumber us a BULLION to twelve!
(Washington) Fear not American, for tonight we die IN VIRGINIA.

(Redcoat) King George would like to speak with you.
(King George) This is a British colony.
(Washington) British??? THIS IS AMERICA!!!

(Washington wrestling redcoats) Hancock, NOW!
(Hancock leaps over Washington and redcoats, signing his name to Declaration of Independence with sword sound effects) SZING SZING SZING

(Announcer) 1776, it ain't accurate, but it will blow your **BLEEP**ing mind.
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