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The Ruins of Laurens Mill

The Laurens Mill in Laurens SC is now a demolition site. This set of pictures focuses on the debris still remaining on the site after 4+ years of work removing the once impressive structure. I'm not sure what is more sad; the neglected building, skeletal remains of a building, piles of debris, or empty spaces where a building once was. These pictures of debris are a testimony for a building just one step away from vanishing forever.

Looking down on remains of administration (admin) area and receiving warehouseOn the ground in the admin and receiving warehouse areaWalls and water standpipes on the right of the admin and receiving warehouse area
Debris pile in admin and receiving warehouse areaRemains of wallsBasement pit at rear of admin and receiving warehouse area
Debris at the front of the admin and receiving warehouse areaSteps to nowhere at the receiving warehouseArchways of receiving docks toppled
Doorway at shipping warehouses now leading to woodsDebris in front of shipping warehousesThe thick walls of the shipping warehouses
Tags: abandoned, demolition, industrial

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