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The revelation of Mark Foley's online conversations with teenage male pages has resulted in his resignation and admitting for drug/psychological treatment. In the aftermath of Mark's departure, MSN is reporting "Congressional leaders, who called for an FBI investigation as Foley resigned, turned to finger-pointing over who knew what about Foley’s behavior, when they knew it and whether anything was done to protect the teens."

This brings to mind a beef I've had a long time...

I get grumpy about people who cannot accept their due desserts. Whimpering about "why me???" is dishonest. The archetype of this is the villain who attacks the hero again and again, trying to kill, dismember and maim his foe. The hero survives and eventually corners the villain. The dishonest villain is the one that sputters, "oh please please please don't hurt me!!! I beg for your forgiveness!!!". The honest villain looks the hero in the eye and accepts the punishment. Does this mean that the villain cannot attempt to escape his 'fate'? Of course not. The villain can try to escape, and fight another day. Are we heroes or villains in life? We are both, depending on the perspective of oneself and the world around us.

An extreme example of honesty in the face of energy physics is the serial killer. While it is immoral (some can argue) for the serial killer to do what he does, the act of killing others is not unnatural. The serial killer is doing what he will. Society will also do what it will when the serial killer is captured. The natural act of a healthy society is to keep itself safe, and this includes the imprisonment or execution of the serial killer.

A less extreme case is political leadership who sought to retain Mark Foley in their midst through the time of the November elections. Where is the acceptance of their fates now???
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