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A Rural Circle Mystery

This weekend I was at a wonderful rural location near Rutherfordton NC. The location was used a farm in the past. A walk through the woods revealed a stone structure that looked like a soil retention wall. This is not unusual on a rural farm. The area above and below the retention wall had "young" trees. These pictures are an interesting agricultural rural 'ruin'.

The puzzle I wish to share is a circle of stones found adjacent to the retention wall. Perhaps three feet across, the stones seem to be too symmetrical to be natural. The moss on the stones seems to eliminate recently placement by the wellness/health facility now on the land. Does anybody have an idea of what the origins of the rural circle may be? More pictures of the retention wall are here on Flickr.

A side question for my fellow photographers. My Samsung L73 struggles maintain a crisp automatic focus during low light conditions. This is frustrating in dusk conditions (like I was shooting in the woods) or in dark houses. The flash helps, but the results can be washed out, robbing the scene of the truer colors. Does anybody have any pointers?

Below the soil retention wall.Looking across the top of the retention wall.A detail of the retention wall.
A small stone circle adjacent to the retention wall.Camera flash version of stone circle.Another angle on the stone circle.
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