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Oct. 30th, 2007 @ 01:27 pm Artifacts of Laurens Mills
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This is my last set of pictures from the Laurens Mills picture shoot. The pics feature the artifacts that I found on the site. Some were expected. Others were were not. I believe this "treasure hunt" is one of the things that makes photographic adventures like this so interesting. All 115 of the Laurens Mills pictures can be found in this flickr set.

Door to Nowhere...

Frame of elevator formally used in now demolished warehouse.Storage cabinet at base of smokestack.Fan and desk stranded in 2nd floor elevator shaft door
Shelves in top floor of Stairwell Tower.Floor scale and sliding door that used to be inside the now demolished receiving warehouse.Sign in front of parking lot across the street from the mill location.
Where the building went. Small building in parking lot adjacent to building. 'No Parking Anytime'Scale found on ground next to warehouse area.
Close-up of motor.Cart.Frame of motor still bolted to concrete pad.
Railroad bed next to warehouse area.Airphone at main warehouse gate.Ghostly turnstiles.

Hasp and lock no longer necessary.

Mill motor with remains of mill building in background.Somebody better pay their taxes!
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