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New Cemetery Flickr Set - First Entry - Rocky Springs Church

I've created a new collection on my flickr web page for cemetery pictures. My first set in this collection is of the Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Laurens SC. This is a fascinating location with internments going back to Revolutionary War soldiers.

The first white settler came to Laurens County in 1754. Laurens County was established in 1785 by the General Assembly. The Rocky Springs Church was begun by Rev. John McCosh in 1780. The oldest marker I found had a died date of 1819 for Andrew Steer born in 1767. There may be older. The existing church building was built in 1920.

I'll post some of the most interesting markers at a later date. There seems to be a lot of history in this wonderful place. Cemeteries are one place that an effort was made to create things that lasted. It seems that the grave marker is a last attempt to say "I was here". I'm excited to document these locations.

A Brief History of Laurens County
Rocky Springs Presbyterian Church Cemetery entry in Find a Grave

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