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The Balm and Lessons of Transformation

The tarot’s major arcana has two cards that represent change. These are Death and The Tower. A difference between the two is that the former can be voluntary while the latter is usually forced. Both evoke transformation in a person’s life.

Transformation can be voluntary or it can be forced. I am at the point in my life that either method would be welcomed for those things that vex my energy and sanity. This week my van provided me this lesson. For months the engine had been loosing radiator fluid. The mostly likely cause was not pleasant. It appeared that a gasket was allowing the cooling fluid to mix with the oil. After months of hoping for the best, but knowing the worst was to come, the engine finally gave up. A valve lifter "click-click-click" sound put the van into the shop. My van’s transformation back to health was forced.

The repair shop tells me that it will run about $1,600 to fix the gasket and address the head issue. This bill will have to be put on credit and paid off later. My highest choice? No. I could have fixed this months ago when I had this money in my pocket. I did not. I wished the problem would not get worst and during the interim time I worried and fretted. Now I fix the problem and receive peace of mind.

The peace is greatly appreciated. While the change was forced, the peace of mind I attain is not lessened by the delivery method. The Tower event shoulders me with credit debt. A lesson is delivered. I am challenged to look to other places where Death can be embraced before The Tower is issued. May I listen to the lesson in my life!
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