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LJ Book - A LiveJournal Archiving Tool

I found a really neat resource for those who want to preserve their LJ blogs. LJ Book is a website that will turn your LJ blog into a PDF book. From their web page :
A LJ Book is a book with all your entries extracted from your LiveJournal, DeadJournal, or InsaneJournal.
It's a PDF Document ready to print. It's produced in about 3-4 minutes.
The high quality PDF is produced by LaTeX.

Why ?
By posting on your journal you make something personal - it's a part of you. You may want to review your entries or just keep them in a single file.
You can print your LJBook and make it real, read it more comfortably or share it with a friend, publish it ...
The main purpose is to let you have an archive of your blog/journal.
The only downside to the site is that you must provide your LJ password for your blog to be accessed. LJ Book keeps the password for thirty minutes and then purges the information. They say, "If you don't trust, don't enter ! (or you may change your password after)"

I thought it was neat... (smile).


Turns your journal into a PDF Book.

LJBook (gads_ljbook)
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