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A Look Back - One Day Old Cubs

Here's the back-story to wulfwalker's wolf-dog cubs born on 10/31. That night she heard a commotion in the pen area. Investigation revealed a black cub. The next day there was another cub. I came over after work and got to see and photograph the first two cubs. We both thought that Aurora, the alpha female, was the mother. Well, we were wrong. It turned out that Wayah, Aurora's daughter, was the mother. The two ended up in the den featured in the pictures. Aurora pinned down Wayah and the two remained in the den until the following day. wulfwalker finally lured out Aurora with some meat. Two cubs had turned into seven! Wayah has now fully embraced her position as mother and thankfully psycho-Grandmother Aurora is no longer a problem.

So very young...

First two cubs - less than a day after they were born.Cubs next to my camera bag.Cubs dwarfed by pack's small den.
Aurora (left) and wulfwalker (right). Aurora is grandmother to the cubs.Aurora fakes us into believing she is mom!Crazy face!
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