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A Victorious Return(?)

wulkwalker and I are back from the Healing Touch class. I would like to say it was a wonderful time. The class was good, but at 3:00 AM on Thursday morning wulfwaker was heard to say "this has been a disaster." I also did not post anything on 11/14. Now that is a disaster.

What happened? A company paid lunch at a local Tex-Mex restaurant turned into food poisoning for yours truly. I spent all of 11/14 in the motel's hotel room. Fortunately my lovely mate was able to attend the first day of class. We headed to the emergency room the evening of 11/14 we headed to the local emergency room because I was becoming dehydrated from the usual culprits. I think we got there at about 6:50 PM. We left at about 3:15 AM. Fun! The good news is that tests showed I had some run-of-mill gastro issue. They put two bags of saline into me, gave me a prescription for Cirpo, and sent me home. The interesting wrinkle was that the emergency room was in the same hospital that my class was being conducted. The wonderful lady coordinating the event and my shaman teacher, the course's teacher, both dropped by to see how I was doing. Some strings were pulled and my mate was able to hang out with me in the emergency department.

I was able to attend the second day of glass with an operational level of about 70%. The class was great. I played a bit of catch-up and will get a completion certification. So back to my mate's comment. I responded to her, "they hydrated me and you got to attend the first day of class. This sounds like success". (Smile). Sometimes you have to see the silver lining.
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