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Wolf Cubs Update - 11/18/07

The cubs are now about 18 days old. Their eyes are open and their legs are mobile. One has taken a liking to wandering so he's been named "Marco". The cub with a mask is being called "Mystique". Everybody else is waiting for a name. wulfwalker says that in a week or so it will be difficult to keep them all on a blanket.

Click on a picture to see more detail.

Marco making a break while Chakotay relaxes nearbyMarco wanders off the blanketMarco returns
Female Cub #1Female Cub #2wulfwalkerCub #3 (Marco)
Cub #4Cub #5Cub #6 (Mystique)
Cub #7Cubs on paradeLooking for a warm place to sleep
Chakotay checks on his sonYing-Yang CubsEveryone takes a nap
Where's Mom?Everyone's roaming a bitwulfwalker snuggles with the cubs
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